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Welcome to our Website!

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Welcome to the North Island Community Forest’s new information website!  Please explore our pages to learn Who We Are and to be informed about Events & Activities on an ongoing basis.  We will post occasional news articles and share our plans and operations with you!    

Feel free to contact the Directors or the Manager for more information and with any questions. Please use the email to send a message or send comments through the website itself. We have created this webpage in an effort to increase our connection to the communities in which we operate and to share the successes of the community forest.  We want you to know, to understand and to have input into your Community Forest.  We feel this website is one way we can share our information with you, the community.

The North Island Community Forest LP is a limited partnership, currently owned and shared by the communities of Port Alice, Port Hardy and Port McNeill (the Shareholders).  The tenure is entirely within the traditional territories of the Kwakiutl First Nation and the Quatsino First Nation.  See the maps on the website to locate the areas in which we operate, north of Quatse Lake, adjacent to the Marble River and east of Alice Lake for a total area of 2,390 hectares. 

This area-based Community Forest Agreement tenure is run by a Board of Directors, comprised of a variety of community members who have been appointed by the Shareholders and have a vested interest in running a successful business on behalf of the communities.   Our Directors and other professionals and community members also volunteer their time on various committees to help provide guidance and recommendations to the Board for future plans and activities.  Let us know if you are interested in participating on one of our committees!

The North Island Community Forest seeks to innovatively manage our forest tenure to deliver long term benefits to all North Island Communities through revenue sharing, employment, business, recreational and education opportunities.  We strive to provide opportunities for locals and to create a model for sustainable forest management of which all North Islanders can be proud.  We want to showcase how local management of the resources can be sustainable and successful through reconciliation with local Indigenous communities.  We value the knowledge and experience of Indigenous peoples and are creating those partnerships to co-manage the resources for future generations.

We are excited to hear from you and to learn the ways in which the community forest can continue to provide benefits to all North Island communities. Stay tuned for more updates and future events!

Thank you!

Ione Brown, RPF

Chairperson, NICF LP