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News and Updates

Marble River Harvest Operations Complete

Active operations within our Marble River Operating Area are complete. These activities included the salvage of approximately 7800m3 of wind fallen timber within three separate small openings. Trees in these...

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Active Operations

The North Island Community Forest has active operations in the Marble River Area, including falling and processing adjacent to Marble Main. Please use caution travelling in the area. Obey road...

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Who We Are

Three North Island communities came together in 2011 to establish a community forest that would be a model for sustainable management and generate revenue, employment, business, recreational, educational and other opportunities for residents of the North Island.

The North Island Community Forest Agreement includes three discontinuous areas (Quatse Lake Area, Marble River Area & Alice Lake Area) with a combined total area of approximately 2,390 hectares. The Annual Allowable Cut determination for the community forest is 10,000 cubic metres of coniferous forests and 400 cubic metres of deciduous trees.

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We are widely recognized for our integrity and innovation in sustainable and successful management of the Community Forest to enhance healthy communities on northern Vancouver Island.


To innovatively manage our forest tenure to deliver long term benefits to North Island communities.


Integrity:  to act honestly and ethically to maintain the interests of communities; both in business practices and the sustainable management of the land.

Community Sustainability: To represent all the people of our region and bring local benefit, further local control of resources, and maintain a healthy business financially and ecologically.

Transparency: Active participation and openness


  1. Form partnerships and generate greater support of the North Island Community Forest throughout the region.
  2. Optimize and diversify revenue through the five-year cut, and provide opportunities for local businesses.
  3. Establish operational excellence in business and sustainable resource management.
  4. Increase the area and impact of the community forest within the North Island.