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Marble River Harvest Operations Complete

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Active operations within our Marble River Operating Area are complete. These activities included the salvage of approximately 7800m3 of wind fallen timber within three separate small openings. Trees in these areas blew down following a catastrophic wind event in the fall of 2019. With careful planning we were able to recover a significant amount of this timber that otherwise would have been lost.  We used an open bid system that allowed a small contractor an opportunity for a salvage operation. Salvage harvesting occurred from November 2022 to March 2023. Quatsino First Nation community members worked alongside the operators while harvesting and were involved during both the pre-planning and planning stages of this salvage program.


Tree planters from Guillory Emery and Associates Ltd, a local Silviculture company based in Alert Bay, reforested the area with Douglas fir and Western red cedar seedlings this spring.

West Coast Helicopters, based in Port McNeill, completed tree topping along boundary edges adjacent to streams. To increase resilience and protect the longevity of the standing timber, individual trees along the edge were pruned.

Net revenue from this operation has been disbursed to the Shareholders. A total of $195,000 was given to the towns to be used for various projects across the region.

Thank you for your cooperation during these active operations!